Terms of Service

Rental Process

We reserve the right to refuse service if we determine you are unable to safely transport our rental equipment. Please make sure you show up with adequate transport and someone to help load your items. Our Company Policy does not allow staff to load vehicles as this poses a liability risk to us for damages that might occur. If you do need assistance please sign a waiver form.

Security Deposit: There is a 25% security and damage deposit on all orders.   If rental items are returned within the rental period in the same condition they were dispatched, you will receive a full refund of your security deposit. We reserve the right to withhold security deposits if items have been returned late, broken, stained, torn, burnt, or damaged in any other way. Please send us an email within 12 hours of receiving the products if you have any problems with the products received. We double-check every order before dispatch to ensure we do not make mistakes.

Rental orders all start as quotations. One Stop Party Rentals will produce a quotation for you which will be sent to you by email for review. It is your responsibility to confirm correct inventory descriptions, quantities, event/delivery address, delivery or self-pick up date and time, driver pick-up date and time. Items are NOT reserved for you at this time.

To confirm your rental order please provide a valid credit on file. Once a credit card has been assigned for a specific quotation and a 20% non-refundable down payment has been paid, this quotation becomes a reservation, and the inventory is reserved for your rental order. Order changes can be made but the 20% deposit on canceled items is nonrefundable as the stock has been allocated to your account and is not available for other clients. If you choose to cancel your event or any of your items ordered within 14 days of your rental date you will only be entitled to a 40% refund of your canceled items as the stock has already been allocated to your order, prepped, and sanitized, therefore rendering the stock unavailable to other clients.  Any order canceled within  7 days of your event will have NO REFUND, the items have been taken out of our rental pool and prepped for your use. It is your responsibility to confirm correct rental information on the most up to date / recent reservation. Any change not reflected on the invoice will not be honored.

14 Days prior to pickup or delivery, the credit card on file will be charged.  We will  then notify our dispatch team to sanitize, pack and conduct a quality review of the rental items. Items will be ready for delivery or self pick-up by the scheduled order out date. It is your responsibility to confirm correct rental information and to check your order upon self-pickup or delivery and let us know within 12 hours if there are any problems with our order.

Lost or damaged items

Upon return of your rental items, our team will conduct a thorough review of the items returned. If there are any items missing from the return or damaged beyond the point of use there will be a replacement charge applied to your credit card on file. For any lines with stains that we are unable to get out including candle wax, burns, tears etc a replacement charge will be applied. Wax always leaves oil stains and is not permitted.

You will be notified of any charges for lost or damaged items above $65 prior to the charge being applied.

Item Care

Storage: Store all equipment in an area protected from theft, vandalism, or weather. You are responsible for any damage to inventory in your possession.

Linens: DO NOT USE ANY  WAX CANDLES ON THE LINENS IF THEY ARE NOT IN CLOSED CANDLE HOLDERS. Wax stains will result in charges. Shake linen free of debris and food particles. Linens must be returned in the linen bag provided.

Glassware: Empty glasses of all liquids and return them in their original racks/crates.

Flatware: Large food debris to be cleared off all flatware and place in crates as received. Dishes: Scrape plates clear of all food, rinse and place in the shipping crates as received.

No adhesives, glitter, or sparkles are to be used on any items. Returned items must be free of wax, excessive food, garbage, tape, and pins/staples. Chair cover ties and sashes must be undone prior to return to avoid an untying fee.($1 each) Wet items should be dried before being placed in bags for return or mold will form. Wax, sparkles, and mold will always ruin linen and result in charges being applied.

Placing rentals in the incorrect racks/crates can result in breakage and will be charged accordingly. The replacement cost for storage bags, rack, and crates not returned will be applied. By Providing your credit card information and therefore confirming you order you consent to out terms and agreements outlined above. 

Tent Rentals 

Care of the Rental Products: The customer accepts responsibility for proper use of the rental product and understands that canopies are meant as temporary shelters and must be monitored during inclement weather conditions and taken down if necessary. It is important to have each canopy properly weighed down at all times. Our tents are treated in order to be water-resistant however they are not guaranteed to be.

Proper Use: The customer shall not modify, misuse, harm or abuse the rental items. The customer (lessee) agrees to assume responsibility and hold One Stop Party Rentals Ltd harmless for any property damage or personal injuries caused by the rental products.

Replacement of Damaged Item: Customer agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of goods while in their possession, regardless of cause (except for reasonable wear and tear). Accrued rental charges cannot be applied against the purchase or cost of repair or damages, lost or stolen goods. Equipment lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair will be paid for at current list price.

Cleaning: Customer also agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for equipment returned dirty.

  •  Tents not returned in the covers provided that get damaged or dirty will be professionally cleaned and the cost will be allocated to the client.

No Cooking under Tents: Customer shall not cook under or near tents. If a customer chooses to do so they assume full responsibility for damage or cleaning expense to tent tops due to cooking under or near tents. We do have a BLUE 10X10 Tent that is available for rental for BBQ's

No Sublet: Customer will not sublet, loan or assign the rental items without One Stop Party Rentals Ltd permission.

Return: Customer agrees to return the rented goods during One Stop Party Rentals regular warehouse hours upon expiration of the rental period. The customer agrees that if the rented goods are held beyond the expiration of the rental period as designated in the contract that a rental extension fee will be charged based on a daily rate or rental period.


We require a 20% down payment at the time of booking to secure the stock for your order. If you do choose to cancel products or your order the 20% down payment will NOT be refundable as the stock has already been allocated to you for the selected date, therefore making it unavailable to other clients. If COVID-19 regulations do not allow you to host your event you will be able to request a refund. There will be a $45 processing fee for all refunds. 

If you choose to cancel your event or any of your items ordered within 14 days of your rental date you will only be entitled to a 50% refund of your canceled items as the stock has already been allocated to your order, prepped, and sanitized, therefore rendering the stock unavailable to other clients. FULL PAYMENTS FOR ORDERS  CANCELLED 7 DAYS PRIOR TO PICK UP ARE NON REFUNDABLE. 

By confirming your order you agree to all terms listed above