Stock is NOT reserved for you when calling or submitting a quote online. Quotes are an estimate of cost only and One Stop Party Rentals reserves the right to correct errors and omissions at it's sole discretion. When you confirm an order with a credit card number, then the stock is reserved for your event.

Order Changes

When you are planning a event, we recommend that you order as many settings as you have sent out invitations. This ensures that you will have the number that you will need. We require 14 days notice if you want to reduce your order. In order to offer our low prices, we must manage our labor costs very carefully. Once an order has been pulled or loaded we cannot remove items from it. When you reserve an item we are guaranteeing that you will receive that item and we will not rent it for another event. You may add items to your order if they are available.

Order Cancellations

Our reduction policy is 14 days from the date of delivery. Any reductions or cancellations after 14 days period will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. Some items could be rented multiple times on any given weekday during the spring and summer and we must often turn orders down for certain things. Therefore, there is NO CANCELLATION on barbecues, tents or wedding chairs  LESS THAN 30 DAYS before the event. Specialty item orders CANNOT be cancelled.


A 20% down payment is required at the time the reservation is made. The balance is due 7 days prior to pick up. If you are having your order delivered, we will charge the credit card that was used to confirm the reservation, up to 7days prior to delivery date. We accept cash, debit, MasterCard and Visa. We do not accept AMEX, Money wiring, e-Transfers

Security Deposit

We charge a 25% security deposit on all orders on final payment. This is automatically refunded once all product is returned and received in good order.


It is your responsibility, from the time of receipt until the time of return, to keep all items secure from theft and damage. This includes water damage from rain. Transporting items yourself is great way to save money, but your truck bed will need to be tarped to prevent damage to our furniture. A second tarp will be required to shield the load in the event of rain. Should you have a special situation please let us know and we will be happy to work on a solution for your event.

Tent and canopy rentals must be paid in full 30 days prior to your event. A tent to provide shade at an event on a sunny day is just as important in summer as tent to keep out the rain. If your hope is to reserve a tent “just in case” of rain and then cancel because the weather is dry, unfortunately, we have too few tents to accommodate that. Our tents are not for extreme weather conditions. They are designed for sunshade or protection from light rain.

All dishes items must be rinsed or scraped completely free of food and repacked in the tubs provided. Do not over fill the tubs that the dishes arrived in. Do not put cutlery in with the dishes. Return the cutlery in the containers they arrived in. Glasses need to be emptied out and returned to their containers wet side up.  Coffee Urns must not be returned with coffee or coffee grounds still in the urn.

Linens should be returned refuse- free and dry in the original packaging or the cloth laundry bags that will be included with your linen orders. You may spot-treat wet stains with cold water or club soda, but please do not launder rented linens, it is critical that stains do not become “heat set”. Linens that are torn, that are returned with burns, holes, candle wax and permanent stains will be billed at replacement cost on our website. Inserts for chafers must be returned free of all food.

Barbeques and grills will be given to you tin-foiled to minimize cleaning afterward. We require that you “burn off” the grills free of food and remove the used tin-foil. Grills not returned in this manner will be subject to additional cleaning charges of $25-$30.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Items

When you have taken your order home or it has been delivered to you, please take a few minutes to ensure that you have received the correct number and style of items that you have ordered. While most orders have been double-checked, mistakes are possible and we need to know as soon as possible if this has occurred, so that we can make it right ahead of your event. Our dishes, glasses, and cutlery are industrial grade and they are expensive to replace. A plate can cost as much as $15 to replace and a dinner knife can cost $14.50. If we do not receive back what we believe was sent out, then we will look to recover these items or replacement costs. Call us and leave a message immediately if there is any discrepancy between your invoice and the items received. If you inform us when you return the items that there was a discrepancy or damage we will treat it as items lost or damaged by you the client and you will be responsible for replacement cost.

When your returned items have been cleaned and accounted for, we will call you to advise of any lost or broken items. Typically we allow two to four days for you to check your home or venue and then we will apply the charges to your credit card.