Frequently Asked Questions

What are your showroom hours?


Showroom hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. 10-5:00  Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday by appointment . We also provide private complimentary consultations after hours by appointment only. 

If you need to return your rentals on a Holiday an extra fee of $30.00 with a 1 hour window of time between 10:00am-2:00pm will be charged.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at #227-1655 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam, BC. Click for driving directions.

Should I reserve my items?

Yes, all items are reserved on a first come first serve basis. It is recommended that you reserve your items as soon as you have an event date and an approximate number of guests.


If you choose to cancel to your event or any of your items ordered within 14 days of your rental date you will only be entitled to a 40% refund of your cancelled items as stock has already been allocated to your order, prepped and sanitized, therefore rendering the stock unavailable to other clients. 


Rental time period?

All prices quoted are for a one day time period. A one day rental is, you may pickup or have your items delivered the day before your event and return or have them picked up the day after your event, or our next business day. This is considered a one day rental. 

Can I pick up the items myself?

Yes, you can pick up most items the day before your event. Occasionally you will have to wait until the day of the event as we may be waiting for an item to be returned. If this happens we will contact you. We CANNOT assist you with loading items into your vehicle unless you sign a liability waiver. Some fragile products can only be rented with a delivery and pick up included.

Do you deliver and pick up?

For a fee we can deliver and pick up merchandise. This is based on curb side drop off and pick up. Stairs, elevators and long distances from our delivery vehicle will be charged extra. We deliver most of our items on carts... So we must have easy access to the location. Our drivers will leave the equipment in one location. Charges are based on distance from our facility and quantity of items rented. After hour deliveries can be arranged at an additional cost.

When our drivers return for the pick up, if you have not paid for our setup and take down service, all items should be stacked, dissembled  and organized in the same single location as they were delivered unless an alternative location has been confirmed with the driver. Tables and chairs must be folded, stacked and ready for pick up.

Charges are based on distance from our facility and the time frame for the delivery and pick up rented during regular working hours. Our fees are based on a 6 hour window of time for the delivery and pick up.  On time deliveries with only a 1-2 hour window of time will have a additional fee. After hour, Sundays or holidays pick ups can be arranged at an additional cost.

Am I responsible for cleaning items before return?

Dishes, silverware, utensils, holding units, etc. must be rinsed or scraped clean, food-free and repacked in the same containers as they were delivered. Containers must not be overstuffed as this may result in damaging/breaking the glassware. Generally a good number is 20-25 plates per bin for dinner plates, 25 plates per bin for side plates and 50 plates per bin for desert plates. Also please return cutlery in the cutlery bins and not mixed in with the dishes bins.

Barbecues and pancake grills must be returned scraped clean, and free of tinfoil otherwise an additional charge for cleaning will be applied to the final price.

Chairs and tables must be returned dry and clean.

You should inspect all linen prior to returning them. Damage includes but is not limited to cuts, tears, stains (including candle wax) that will not come out, or any other type of damage that rends the linen un-rent-able. Linens should be dry, free of loose food particles and debris to prevent mildew and staining. If linens are wet, please let them air dry before bagging them to help prevent mildew and other damages to the fabric. If the linen is determined to be damaged, we will let you know by telephone.


What size table linen should I use?

Typically, the more formal the event the longer you will want your linens. For an informal party or meeting, you can use a smaller sized linen. For a black tie event you will want to use a floor length linen. The chart below will help you with linen sizing:

How many people will fit at my tables?

30” round Seats 2-4
4” round Seats 6
5’ round Seats 8
6’ x 30” Rectangular Seats 6
8’ x 30” Rectangular Seats 8

How much coffee should I use in the Coffeemakers?

Add REGULAR or COARSE ( do not use fine)grind coffee according to the following chart:

Cups to be Brewed/Cups of Coffee Grounds Recommended

Water Strong Mild
100 8 cups of coffee grounds 6 ¼ cups of coffee grounds
60 5 cups of coffee grounds/td> 4 cups of coffee grounds
42 3 ½ cups of coffee grounds 2 ½ cups of coffee grounds
30 2 ¾ cups of coffee grounds 1 ¾ cups of coffee grounds
18 1 ¾ cups of coffee grounds 1 ¼ cups of coffee grounds
12 1 ¼ cups of coffee grounds 1 cup of coffee grounds

Never use scouring pads or anything abrasive to clean.

How do I operate BBQ Grills?

Propane BBQ’s (Outdoor use only)

  • Always open the lid or remove the storage cover before attempting to light your barbeque.
  • Always fill the water pans below the burners approximately half full with water, and keep them at that level. (This makes clean-up much easier). Failure to use water will incur a cleaning fee.
  • Do not bend directly over the grill when lighting.
  • Make sure all valves are OFF.

Lighting Instructions

  • Open all lids on the barbeque. SLOWLY open LP cylinder valve. DO NOT snap open.
  • Ensure that all valve handles are in the OFF position (clockwise).
  • Turn on the gas supply valve. Wait 15 seconds before opening a burner valve. This will allow the pressure to stabilize in the system, allowing the flow-limiting device to reset itself.
  • Turn the lighter tube (pilot) valve to the ON position. (Note: two lighter tubes are provided on larger models – one for the left side and one for the right side).
  • Insert a match or barbeque lighter into the hole on the end of the barbeque.
  • Visually check to ensure the lighter tube is burning. If ignition does not immediately occur, turn of all burners and pilot valves , wait 5 minutes, and repeat.
  • Once the lighter tube has been lit, the other main burners can be lit. (Push in and turn to “high”). The unlit burners will then light automatically.
  • Visually check to ensure that all burners that are intended to be ON are lit.
  • Adjust individual burners as desired.

Shut Down Instructions

  • Turn all burner and pilot valve knobs to the OFF position.
  • Turn the LP supply valve to the OFF position.
  • Ensure all burners are extinguished.
  • Close lid or install protective cover until future use.
  • Disconnect LP cylinder from the barbeque when not in use.
  • Take care; the barbeque is still HOT.
  • Ensure the hoses are put back onto the hook. If they are left dragging this will damage them and you will be charged for replacement.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Dump the water pans when finished.
  • Grill tops should be cleaned while still hot. A wire brush or a piece of tinfoil wadded up can be used to brush the grill top off.
  • Wipe the outside of the grill once it is cool to the touch.
  • NEVER leave the propane tanks in the open position when not in use.
  • A hot BBQ grill should never be left unsupervised.

Charcoal BBQ’s (For Outdoor Use Only)

  • Remove all packaging material from the grill.
  • Screw the legs into the sockets on the bottom of the firebox.
  • Stand the grill upright on a level surface, clear of any combustible material.
  • Line the firebox with heavy duty aluminum foil.
  • Divide 20 to 30 lbs of charcoal or briquettes into two or three piles. Ignite the charcoal or briquette piles according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add approximately 10 lbs of charcoal or briquettes for every hour of use.
  • When the coals are ready for cooking (approximately 30-45 minutes from start-up) Spread out evenly over the entire firebox with a rack or shovel.
  • Spray or coat the cooking grill top with cooking oil to prevent food from sticking.
  • Place the grill on the firebox at the desired height.

Cleaning Instructions

  • When finished cooking, remove the grill top from the firebox.
  • When the grill has cooled, clean with any commercial oven cleaner, or use a high Pressure wash.
  • DO NOT POUR WATER ON HOT COALS. This will warp the firebox. When all the Coals are cool, dispose of the foil and coals in an appropriate manner.