Product Replacement and damage

In the event of damage or loss of one of our rental products, the client will be responsible for the replacement cost of the rental item. Please let us know within 12 hours of receiving your order if there are any problems. All our orders get checked twice if not 3 times before it's dispatched to ensure that we do not disappoint you or spoil your event.

The estimated replacement value of some of our most popular items will be listed below. If you are concerned about any product replacement cost please contact our sales team for a cost before you accept our rental agreement. 


  • Stream Cutlery $8.50 per piece 
  • Gold Cutlery $18.50 per piece
  • Lumos Cutlery $12.50 per piece
  • Westgate Cutlery $14.50 per piece
  • Silver Classic Cutlery $14.50 per piece

Dinnerware : Depending on the style and size of plate the replacement value vary between $7.50 and $26.50 per piece

Gold Rimmed items vary between $9.50-$24.50 

Napkins $4.50 each

Tablecloths: Price varies for coloured linens additional $8 - $12 per item

  • 90"x 156" rectangular and 132" Round $49.50 each 
  • 90"x 132" rectangular and 120" Round $46.50 each
  • 60"x 120"  rectangular and 90" Round $38.50 each

Hangers $1.50 per hanger not returned 

Runners: $7.50-$30 price varies depending on colour & material

Sashes  2.50-9.50  Narrow organza to Broad chiffon and Satin 

Spandex chair covers: $25 each any hole, tear or mold will result in a full replacement.

Spandex table covers: $42.50 each any hole, tear or mold will result in a full replacement.

Linen bags  $28.50 each Printed with logo $38.50 


  • Glass replacement cost vary depending on the glass. Prices range from $9.50-$24.95 

Umbrellas: Large 38.50 Medium 28.00 each 

Chairs:  Resin chair $75, Cushion only $32,

              Plastic folding chairs  $35 Each

              Cross back chair. $225, cushion only $32

              Cross back bar stools $385

              Wood Wedding chair $115 cushion only  $32


  • Tents will be sent back to the manufacturer for repair and may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive the repair bill. You will be charged the full amount of the tent repair bill. 
  •  Cleaning: Customer also agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for equipment returned dirty. Tents not returned in the covers provided that get damaged or dirty will be professionally cleaned and the cost will be allocated to the client.

We reserve the right to charge the replacement fee if we feel that the rental items returned are deemed "unrentable" due to damage from your rental period. Photos of the damaged items will be emailed to you and the product will be kept on sight for 14 days for you to inspect or pick up.  After the 14 day it will be discarded.

Please contact our sales team with any questions prior to agreeing to our rental contract or providing us with your payment details. 

By confirming your order you agree to all terms on the rental contract.