Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Renting from One Stop Party Rentals is the ultimate in reuse which leads to reduce and a company that helps in protecting our environment. A lot of our dishes, tables, and chairs have gone out hundreds of times. In fact, we have some items that are still being used after 30 years. We have always believed that reusing products is better for the environment than disposable items. This is why we don't sell consumable paper or plastic dishes, cutlery or napkins.

 Sometimes its good to look at yourself and how we can help climate change.Some of the things we have done at 1Stop includes

Giving our employees reusable water containers and a water cooler to discourage plastic bottles.

We use air hand dryers in our washroom rather than wasting paper towels.

Using biodegradable cleaners from our friends at VIP Soap Produces. One of our favorites is  Echoclean Thyme Disinfecting multipurpose cleaner.

We recycle almost everything plastic bags, metal ,electronics one of our favorites is our single stream bin which includes just about all plastic (except plastic bags),all types of containers metal or paper, paper and non corrugated cardboard that gets recycled at the Coquitlam Transfer Station.

All in all this leaves One Stop Party Rentals with very little garbage to dispose of.